GeoBI is the true mapping component for SAP BusinessObjects, capitalizing on our 25-year expertise in GIS and Geo-Business Intelligence. GeoBI integrates leading-edge spatial analytics into your data-based applications for all strategic, business and operational purposes. Enrich your SAP BusinessObjects technology with the spatial dimension to make better decisions! GeoBI is the most integrated Geo-Analytics extension for SAP BusinessObjects, providing a wide range of advanced GIS features.

Yes. There’s no need for coding or scripting with GeoBI, everything is done through intuitive wizards.

GeoBI is compatible with SAP BusinessObjects XI and SAP BusinessObjects BI 4. Please contact us for any technical enquiry.

No. Deploying GeoBI means, typically, installing GeoBI on the same server as your BusinessObjects server(s). Nonetheless, if you wish to do so, GeoBI can be placed on a separate server.

Yes. There’s no need for an Internet connection to use GeoBI. GeoBI can display spatial data hosted within your company or organization’s internal network.

Yes, GeoBI supports BEx queries.

Yes. GeoBI can be installed on a Windows or Linux (RH) machine.

Yes. GeoBI is compatible with both .univ and .unx universes.

Yes. GeoBI can connect directly to spatial data files (CSVn Shape, etc.) and databases (Oracle, PostGIS, Esri,etc.). Please contact us for any technical enquiry.

Yes. GeoBI can connect to all standardized base maps, virtual globes and web mapping services (TMS, WMS, WMTS, WFS, etc.). These services can be mashed together with your analyses within GeoBI.

Yes. GeoBI can geocode addresses on the fly. This is done using our Geocoding GEO Service. You can use the geocoded results within GeoBI at no extra cost.

The GeoBI Designer is your GeoBI back-office. It is a centralized asset management system for spatial data, shared on an enterprise level. It allows you to configure and manage the various geographic data sources used by GeoBI and also to manage the licensing of user roles.

Yes. GeoBI is not limited to administrative areas; any kind of geographic data can be used: points (customers, points of sales, etc.), lines (roads, waterways, contours, diagrams, etc.) and polygons (custom business regions, buildings, floor plans, etc.).

GeoBI can display individual analyses, classes analyses, area maps, bubble maps, heat maps, sector charts, half-sector charts, bar-charts, flow maps, clusters, etc.

Yes. GeoBI allows you to plot driving times, driving distances and circles from a selected point, using our Isoline GEO Service within GeoBI at no extra cost. You can then use your isoline areas to filter your data, using a prompt.

Yes. GeoBI allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your maps, through an easy-to-use configuration wizard. You can customize the setting of classes (upper and lower bounds), icons, symbols, tooltips, labels, etc. right within GeoBI.

Yes. GeoBI is able to display analyses on floor maps, whether geolocated or not.

Yes. GeoBI can switch from one geographic level to another based on the zoom level. This automatic "drill down" capability allows you to create maps that display at all times the most suitable level of details.

Yes. Your GeoBI maps will be included when you export your WebI documents to Adobe PDF files and/or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

For a quote, please see the official list of GeoBI Partners and contact the GeoBI Partner of your choice. For specific requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.



Our GEO Services platform is an innovative and powerful GIS platform, providing a range of universal web cartographic services. Our GEO Services enable you to integrate value-added geo-features within your GeoBI maps. Our GEO Services are available either within GeoBI, in SaaS mode and/or via APIs. For any question, please contact us.